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  Your videos reside on your server.  

If you have a Web site with traffic, why give your content away to others to sell and keep the lion's share of your profits?   Stay in control by keeping your content on your server.  Stay in control, by using your trusted credit card biller to handle the processing and payments.  

Audit and track your sales using both your credit card processor's reporting tools.

Use Phantom Flick's flexible reporting tools to track downloads.

High security download technology to prevent abuse.

  1) Add new price points in your current credit card biller account.
2) Use our simple HTML sample pages to match the "look and feel" of your web site.
     Using a Content Management System (CMS)?  No problem).

"Wasteland absolutely LOVES the phantom flicks backend for our VOD site. Setup and integration with our billing company was fast and seamless, and with a bit of tinkering, we were even able to use a WordPress platform for the public shopping area, saving lots of time and money in page design and development. Hats off to Phantom Flicks!" -- Colin Rowntree, CEO, and

"PhantomFlicks is very inexpensive, costing only a small monthly fee, Bill of PhantomFrog does the install for you and the admin is super easy to work with and you can use any of your own billers (CCBills, Epoch, Verotel, NATS etc) with campaign tracking. I believe that one can even give your affiliates credit for sales just like with recurring billing." --

"Phantom Flicks is a great system, and it actually does work with the Epoch and CCBill, I know." --- Webmaster,

"PhantomFlicks is a reliable program with excellent support. It really improved our websites maintenance performances. For anyone wishing to use a reliable digital download to own program who doesn't know programming or scripting, they should take a look at it." --- JJ,

"Phantom flicks rocks, check it in action." --

"Bill is the creator of the script, and a very helpful individual. He really takes the time to make sure you have the jist of his script... not that it needs much explaining (it's pretty simple to learn)." --

We use it for two of our sites. Celeste Fox VOD and Claudia-Marie VOD and have been very pleased. Bill is great to work with and it is very easy to get set up and running... SoloSlutCash

"Phantom Flicks was perfect for us.  The support from Bill is outstanding, and the software works exactly as advertised.  It's very flexible, so it was simple to integrate our design.  We were up and running in just a couple of days.  Templating was a breeze." -- Alex at

  Each of these models has "apparent" benefits, but they all have one fatal flaw: customers hate them.   Given a choice, customers will choose pay once, download once, view anytime. 

      DRM -- Learn the truth --. Google => "DRM crack".  
      Streaming -- Learn the truth -- Google => "streaming ripper".
      Steve Jobs, at Apple dropped DRM - Google => "apple drm free music"

Some people hate DRM/Streaming content so much, they retaliate by cracking/ripping your DRM/Streaming content to post on free bit-torrent sites.

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